Coral Street

Coral Street

Dive Areas

This is a north-facing beach.  Enter through the wider part of the cove to the left.  There's a bit more sand there.  The rest of the beach is algae on top of rocks.  All of it can be fairly slippery, particularly if there are waves.

The cove is fairly shallow - less than 20 feet deep.  It's best to swim out past even with the point before dropping down.  If you get far enough out, there are sand channels in between the rocks, and some kelp.  If you drop down too soon, it's mostly rocks with algae and urchins.

There can be significant current alongshore, even when it's flat on the surface.

Shore Information


There is free parking along the street.  Note that there are houses right aross the street.  Please be considerate and don't make a lot of noise.  If you need to change, try not to ruin their view in the process.


Ha, wouldn't that be nice.  The closest bathrooms are at Lovers Point.


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