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Koloa Landing

Kauai is at the north end of the island chain.  The water is a few degrees cooler than Maui or Kona.  There is less coral and more algae.  This means a LOT of turtles, and a somewhat different selection of critters than on the other islands.

The best diving is on the southwest side, between Port Allen and Koloa Landing.

Dive sites:
  • Kauai, HI:
    • Amber's Arches
    • Brennecke's Ledge
    • Buoy 2
    • Camp One
    • Cliffhanger
    • Coral Galleries
    • Fast Lanes
    • Hale O Honu
    • Happy Talk
    • Harbor Ledges
    • Ice Box
    • Kanaka Nui
    • Lip Service
    • Plate Lunch
    • Sheraton Caverns
    • Stone House
    • Three Fingers
    • Tortugas
  • Lehua, HI:
    • Pyramid Point
    • Vertical Awareness
  • Niihau, HI:
    • Niihau Arches