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Kona (Big Island)

Kona is on the west side of the big island.  That's the dry side of the island, so water clarity is usually pretty good.  Kona is also known for its manta ray dives.  I usually dive with Big Island Divers, or Jack's Dive Locker for the Pelagic Magic (black water) dive.


Kona has many dive sites accessible by boat:
  • Garden Eel Cove (Ho'ona Bay) - mantas!
  • Golden Arches
  • Hammerhead Point
  • High Rock
  • Hoover's
  • Kaloko Arches
  • Kua Bay
  • Moray Eel Cove
  • Paradise Pinnacle
  • Pawai
  • Pentagon
  • Pine Trees Point
  • Pipe Dreams
  • Sheraton - mantas!
  • Skull Cave
  • The Dome
  • Turtle Heaven
And some accessible from shore:
  • Dog Beach (right at the end of the harbor; take a dive flag and watch for boats)
  • Kahalu'u Beach Park (great snorkeling, but kinda shallow for diving)
  • Mile Marker 4
  • Pahoehoe Beach
  • Two Step (snorkeling or diving)
Photo albums from Kona:
The black water dive is really cool.  They take the boat three miles offshore, after 10pm, in 8000' of water.  Then they toss 30' lines over the sides and tether you to them.  You spend 45 minutes hanging under the boat watching little jellyfish and other pelagic organisms drift by.