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Gobies and Blennies

Blackeye Goby

Rhinogobiops nicholsii

(1: Monterey State Beach, Monterey / 2-7: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 8: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos)

Normally they stay on the bottom, but dominant males will rise up to display all their fins:
(1: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

Bluebanded Goby

Lythrypnus dalli

(1-3: Starlight, Santa Catalina Island / 4-5: Seal Cove, San Clemente Island / 6-7: Ship Rock, Santa Catalina Island / 8: Sutil Island, Santa Barbara Island)

Onespot Fringehead

Neoclinus uninotatus

(1-5: Monterey State Beach, Monterey)

Sarcastic Fringehead

Neoclinus blanchardi

(1,6-8: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 2-5: Monterey State Beach, Monterey)

Stripefin Ronquil

Rathbunella alleni

(1-7: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

Yellowfin Fringehead

Neoclinius stephensae

(1-4: Monterey State Beach, Monterey)

Zebra Goby

Lythrypnus zebra

(1,3: Sutil Island, Santa Barbara Island / 2: Sea Landing Cove, Santa Barbara Island)

More skittish than the bluebanded goby.