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Blue Lined Chiton

Tonicella undocaerulea

(1-4: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos / 5-7: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 8:  Monastery Beach, Carmel-by-the-Sea)

Similar to the flame lined chiton, but without continuous black lines.

These fluoresce under blue light:
(1: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

Cooper's Chiton

Lepidozona cooperi

(1: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 2: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos)

Denrochiton Flectens

Dendrochiton flectens

(1: Monterey State Beach, Monterey)

Flame Lined Chiton

Tonicella lokii

(1-3,6: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos / 4: Coral Street, Monterey / 5,8: Monastery Beach, Carmel-By-The-Sea / 7: Lovers Point, Monterey / 9: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

These two appear to be mating:
(1: Lovers Point, Monterey)

Gumboot Chiton

(aka Meatloaf Chiton)

Cryptochiton stelleri

(1,4-6: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos / 2,3: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 7: Monterey State Beach, Monterey  / 8: Lovers Point, Monterey)

These are the largest chitons in the world.  Compare the chiton in the first image to the bat stars behind it or the opalescent nudibranch on top of the chiton in the third image.

This is what they look like underneath:
(1: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

These are some of the plates from a gumboot chiton:
(1: Coral Street, Monterey)

These are small ones hiding in a discarded shopping cart wheel:
(1: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

Hairy Chiton

Mopalia ciliata

(1,5-7: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 2: Monterey State Beach, Monterey / 3: Monastery Beach, Carmel-By-The-Sea / 4: Lovers Point, Monterey)

This is what one looks like upside-down:
(1: Lovers Point, Monterey)

Hinds' Mopalia

Mopalia hindsii

(1-5: Monterey State Beach, Monterey)

Lepidozona Radians

Lepidozona radians

(1-2: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

Merten's Chiton

Lepidozona mertensii

(1-6: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

In the third picture, the smaller chiton to the left is a blue lined chiton.

Red-Flecked Mopalia

Mopalia spectabilis

(1: Monterey State Beach, Monterey / 2: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos / 3-5,8: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 6: Bluefish Cove, Point Lobos / 7: Monastery Beach, Carmel-by-the-Sea)

Woody Chiton

Mopalia lignosa

(1: Monterey State Beach, Monterey / 2,6: Lovers Point, Monterey / 3: Monastery Beach, Carmel-By-The-Sea / 4-5: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)