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Sea Cucumbers

Black and Orange Sea Cucumber

Cucumaria salma

(1-3: Seal Cove, San Clemente Island / 4: Indian Rock, Santa Catalina Island)

California Sea Cucumber

Parastichopus californicus

(1-4,6-8: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 5: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos)

These sea cucumbers sift through sediment to find food, and excrete the cleaned sediment:
(1: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

Fisher's Sea Cucumber

Pseudocnus lubricus

(1-8: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos)

Orange Sea Cucumber

Cucumaria miniata

(1-3,7-8: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 4-6: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos)

These tend to hide in cracks and crevices, but their bright orange tentacles stand out.  This is as far as I've ever seen one sticking out:

(1: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

They feed by catching food in their tentacles and then stuffing their tentacles in their mouth:
(1: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

Peppered Sea Cucumber

Cucumaria piperata

(1-4,6-7: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 5: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos)

Slipper Sea Cucumber

Psolus chitonoides

(1: Bluefish Cove, Point Lobos / 2-8: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos)

This is what it looks like with its tentacles pulled in:
(1-2: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos)

Warty Sea Cucumber

Parastichopus parvimensis

(1-6: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 7: Lovers Point, Monterey / 8: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos)

Here's what its mouth looks like:
(1-2: San Carlos Beach, Monterey)

White Sea Cucumber

Eupentacta quinquesemita

(1-2: Monterey State Beach, Monterey / 3: Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos / 4,6-8: San Carlos Beach, Monterey / 5: Monastery Beach, Carmel-By-The-Sea)