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Eyed Flounder

Bothus ocellatus

(1-4: CoCo View Resort, Roatan / 5-6: Newman's Wall, Roatan / 7: Prince Albert, Roatan)

Flabby Sole

Gymnachirus nudus

(1: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)

Peacock Flounder

Bothus lunatus

(1-5: CoCo View Resort, Roatan / 6: Iron Coast, Roatan / 7: CoCo View Wall, Roatan / 8: Pirate's Point, Roatan)

Peacock flounders can change their color rapidly to match what's under them.  These are all the same flounder, taken over a few minutes:
(1-5: Carib Point, Roatan)

Spotted Tonguefish

Symphurus diomedanus

(1: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)