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Red Fishes

These fishes are usually found in caves, below underhangs, or at night.  Red light doesn't penetrate seawater very far, so red fishes appear gray to black without artificial light.


Priacanthus arenatus

(1: Mary's Place, Roatan / 2-4: CoCo View Wall, Roatan / 5: Anka's Place, Roatan)

Blackbar Soldierfish

Myripristis jacobus

(1: CoCo View Resort, Roatan / 2: Osman's Reef, Roatan)

The larger fish is a bluestriped grunt.

Dusky Cardinalfish

Phaeoptyx pigmentaria

(1-3: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)

Glasseye Snapper

Heteropriacanthus cruentatus

(1-2: First Bight, Roatan / 3: Newman's Wall, Roatan)

Glassy Sweeper

Pempheris schomburgkii

(1: Newman's Wall, Roatan / 2-3: Prince Albert, Roatan)

Longspine Squirrelfish

Holocentrus rufus

(1-2,5: Newman's Wall, Roatan / 3: John's Place, Roatan / 4: Chimneys, Roatan / 6: Two Tall Two Small, Roatan / 7: CoCo View Resort, Roatan / 8: Mr. Bud, Roatan)

Mimic Cardinalfish

Apogon phenax

(1: CoCo View Wall, Roatan / 2: Newman's Wall, Roatan / 3-5: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)

Reef Squirrelfish

Sargocentron coruscum

(1: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)

Twospot Cardinalfish

Apogon pseudomaculatus

(1: Prince Albert, Roatan)

Whitestar Cardinalfish

Apogon lachneri

(1: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)