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Florida Corallimorph

Ricordea florida

(1-2,5,8: CoCo View Resort, Roatan / 3: Prince Albert, Roatan / 4,7: Newman's Wall, Roatan / 6: Neverstain Bight, Roatan)

These fluoresce under UV light:

(1: Prince Albert, Roatan / 2-6: Newman's Wall, Roatan)

Even under natural light, it's obvious; compare to the 6th picture above.  At this depth, the orange light from the sun has been filtered out by the seawater, so the only orange light is from fluorescence.

(1: Neverstain Bight, Roatan)


Feather Bush Hydroid

Dentitheca dendritica

(1-2: CoCo View Wall, Roatan)

This one is infested with hydroid zoanthids.

Slender Feather Hydroid

Gymnangium speciosum

(1: Minagerheas, Roatan / 2: Anka's Place, Roatan)


Paired-Bell Siphonophore

Agalma okeni

(1: First Bight, Roatan)


Brown Sponge Zoanthid

Parazoanthis catenularis

(1: Harold's Hotel, Roatan / 2: First Bight, Roatan / 3: Prince Albert, Roatan)

Encrusting Zoanthid

Palythoa caribaeorum

(1: Calvin's Crack, Roatan / 2: Neverstain Bight, Roatan / 3-4: Mary's Place, Roatan / 5: Pirate's Point, Roatan / 6: Newman's Wall, Roatan)

These fluoresce under UV light:

(1: Newman's Wall, Roatan)

Golden Zoanthid

Parazoanthis swiftii

(1: CoCo View Wall, Roatan / 2: Carib Point, Roatan)

Hydroid Zoanthid

Parazoanthis tunicans

(1-2: CoCo View Wall, Roatan / 3: Sponge Garden, Roatan)

These infest feather bush hydroids.