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Sea Cucumbers

Sea cucumbers are easiest to find at night.  During the day, they hide back in rocks and crevices.

Conical Sea Cucumber

Eostichopus amesoni

(1-2: CoCo View Wall, Roatan)

Donkey Dung Sea Cucumber

Holothuria mexicana

(1,3-4: CoCo View Resort, Roatan / 2: Iron Coast, Roatan / 5: Mr. Bud, Roatan / 6-7: CoCo View Wall, Roatan / 8: Forty Foot Point, Roatan)

Furry Sea Cucumber

Astichopus multifidus

(1-2: Prince Albert, Roatan / 3: CoCo View Wall, Roatan / 4: Newman's Wall, Roatan)

Three Rowed Sea Cucumber

Isostichopus badionotus

(1,6: CoCo View Resort, Roatan / 2: Prince Albert, Roatan / 3-4: Newman's Wall, Roatan / 5: CoCo View Wall, Roatan)

Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber

Holothuria thomasi

(1-2,4,6,8: CoCo View Resort, Roatan / 3,7: CoCo View Wall, Roatan / 5: Newman's Wall, Roatan)

These keep their rear ends tucked into the reef and extend their long body at night to feed.