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Sea Snails and Bivalves

Atlantic Gray Cowry

Talparia cinerea

(1: Newman's Wall, Roatan)

Atlantic Thorny Oyster

Spondylus americanus

(1: CoCo View Wall, Roatan / 2-3: Newman's Wall, Roatan / 4: Forty Foot Point, Roatan / 5-6: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)

Atlantic Wing-Oyster

Pteria colymbus

(1: Newman's Wall, Roatan / 2: Anka's Place, Roatan / 3: CoCo View Wall, Roatan)

Carrot Cone Snail

Conus daucus

(1: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)

Filose Turban

Turbo cailletii

(1-2: Prince Albert, Roatan)

Flamingo Tongue

Cyphoma gibbosum

(1,4: Prince Albert, Roatan / 2: Harold's Hotel, Roatan / 3,5,8: First Bight, Roatan / 6: CoCo View Wall, Roatan / 7: Newman's Wall, Roatan)

The flamingo tongue is a cowry.  Most of the time, its mantle is out covering the shell, but occasionally you'll see one that's pulled back:
(1: Valley of the Kings, Roatan)

This one is laying eggs:
(1: Prince Albert, Roatan)

Measled Cowry

Macrocypraea zebra

(1: Prince Albert, Roatan)

Milk Conch

Lobatus costatus

(1: CoCo View Wall, Roatan / 2-3: Prince Albert, Roatan)

Queen Conch

Lobatus gigus

(1-3: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)

Found in shallow tidal waters and turtle grass.  Its shells are used by several of the larger species of hermit crabs.

Rough Fileclam

Ctenoides scabra

(1: Newman's Wall, Roatan / 2: Osman's Reef, Roatan)

Stocky Cerith

Cerithium litteratum

(1: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)

West Indian Top Snail

Cittarium pica

(1-4: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)