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Octopuses and Squids


Caribbean Reef Octopus

Octopus briareus

(1-9: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)

Common Octopus

Octopus vulgaris

(1-2: Minagerheas, Roatan)

Suckers on the arms have dark rings, vs. Caribbean reef octopus, which don't have dark rings.


Arrow Squid

Doryteuthis pleii

(1: CoCo View Resort, Roatan)

This is a juvenile.

Caribbean Reef Squid

Sepioteuthis sepioidea

(1-3, 5-8: CoCo View Resort, Roatan / 4: John's Place, Roatan / 9-11: Newman's Wall, Roatan)

Squid Ink

When startled, squid will release a burst of ink and jet off.  The ink doesn't obscure the whole area like a smoke screen.  It's more like a decoy, which stays in one place while the squid takes off.

(1: John's Place, Roatan)