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Commerson's Frogfish

Antennarius commerson
(aka Giant Frogfish)

(1,5-8: Mala Pier, Maui / 2: Pipe Dreams, Kona / 3-4: Turtle Canyons, Oahu / 9-10: Hale O Honu, Kauai)

A frogfish has a lure that sticks out from its nose.  The frogfish flips the lure around to attract a small fish or shrimp, and then gulps the smaller critter down when it gets too close:
(1: Mala Pier, Maui)

When they're babies, they're small and green:

(1-2: Kaloko Arches, Kona / 3: No Name, Lanai)

Freckled Frogfish

Antennarius drombus

(1: Sheraton Caverns, Kauai)