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Coastal Manta Ray

Manta alfredi

(1-3: Garden Eel Cove, Kona / 4-5,8-11: Sheraton, Kona / 6-7: Kua Bay, Kona)

Note the snorkelers at the top left of the 3rd picture, and bubbles from divers below.  This is the most divers I've seen crowded together at once, other than Breakwater Beach in Monterey on summer weekends.

Spotted Eagle Ray

Aetobatus ocellatus

(1: Mala Pier, Maui / 2-3: Black Rock, Maui / 4-5: Turtle Canyons, Oahu / 6: Fish Rain, Molokai / 7: Pyramid Point, Lehua / 8: The Dome, Kona)

The 4th picture shows an eagle ray feeding by turning over rocks and flapping away sand to expose prey.