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Day Octopus

Octopus cyanea

(1-2: Garden Eel Cove, Kona / 3: Fast Lanes, Kauai / 4-5: Sheraton Caverns, Kauai / 6: Tortugas, Kauai / 7-8: Turtle Canyons, Oahu / 9: Hale O Honu, Kauai)

The day octopus is, unsurprisingly, more active during the day.  Note that there are two octopuses in the 4th shot.

 At night they hide in their burrows, and block themselves in with rocks:
(1: Lighthouse, Lanai)

They can change color and texture very quickly.  These shots were taken just a few seconds apart:
(1-3: Three Fingers, Kauai)

(1-2: Black Rock, Maui)

Note the manybar goatfish in the second set; they often hang around octopus, and are a good way to find them before you're so close the octopus hides under a rock.

When they feel threatened, they can release a cloud of ink.  Please don't squeeze the octopus like this guy; the octopus needs that ink to defend from real predators.
(1-2: Back Wall, Molokini)