Monterey Conditions

Are conditions good, or bad?  These are the websites I use when I'm planning a dive trip.


Entire Area

Monterey Bay

(Monterey State Beach, San Carlos Beach, McAbee Beach, Lovers Point, Coral Street)
*NOAA predictions use UTC; subtract 8 hours (or 7 hours if daylight saving time) to get local time.  This has the effect of shifting the data left (or the time axis right).  For example, if NWPS shows a peak swell in Monterey bay at 11 pm Saturday, it's actually at 3 pm or 4 pm Saturday.  That makes sense, because wind waves are highest in the afternoon.

Carmel Area

Stillwater Cove Monastery Beach, Point Lobos)


Sites that Sank (we miss you)

These were previously useful, but are no longer functional.  Keeping a list here in case they return.
  • Surfer - SwellWatch (showing an ad for mobile app; website re-release scheduled for Feb 2020)
  • SwellInfo (broke mid-2019; came back late 2019 but seems to be flaky / inaccurate)
Coming soon: How to read each site and compare the sites for each area.

Let me know if you have a favorite site that's not listed here!