Sample Dive Profiles

These are some real dive profiles from my computer.

A classic box-shaped dive profile, with safety stop at the end.  Life is rarely this close to the textbook.

22 minutes @ 74 feet, from start of descent to start of ascent.  

If I were diving air, this would put me in pressure group L.
A profile with a few more ups and downs.

29 minutes @ 87 feet.  

Good thing I'm on nitrox, becase NDL on the PADI table is 25 minutes.  On EANX32%, I'm at an equivalent air depth of 70 feet, which would put me in pressure group N.
Sometimes there's something interesting to see deep down at the beginning of the dive, followed by shallower reef on the second half of the dive.

42 minutes @ 88 feet.  

Even on EANX32%, with equivalent air depth 70', I'd be past table limits (40 minutes).  But I spent most of my dive above 60' (NDL=55 minutes on air).  The computer knows this, so I only pay for the time I actually spent at each depth, and I never got close to NDL.
A ramp-shaped profile.

45 minutes @ 87 feet.

Again, important to be using a computer.  Note there's no safety "stop", just 3 minutes spent between 20' and 10'.
Dropped down to look at a shark.

Should have been 49 minutes @ 50 feet.  But whoops, with that one drop, it's 49 minutes @ 89 feet.

Yet again, computers are a good thing.  We'd also planned a max depth of 90 feet for that dive if we saw anything good deep, but unless we did we were going to stay shallower to allow for a longer dive.

Popped up to take a bearing back to the boat ramp.  If this were a deeper dive, we would have done a safety stop on the way up.

43 minutes @ 51 feet.

This would have been perfectly plausible on air.

NOTE: These were safe dives for my computer algorithm and taking into account the previous dives I had (or hadn't) done that day and that I pretty much always dive nitrox.  They might not be within your computer or table limits, taking into account the gas you're breathing and your previous dives.  Always plan your own dives with your buddy, and remember the more conservative computer always wins!