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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
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Monastery Beach on a good day

Monastery Beach is a more advanced dive. The beach is exposed to frequent northwest swells. The sand is coarse, making for a steep climb (well, often a crawl) out of the surf. And since the beach is so steep, the surf breaks in a washing machine churn instead of washing up the beach. Be careful, and when in doubt, go somewhere else. People do die here.

If surf conditions are good, this is a great dive. Visibility is usually better than the shallower and more protected beaches.

Monastery surf on a bad day
If it looks even remotely close to this, please, please go somewhere else.

Dive Sites

Oxylebius pictus (Painted Greenling)

Monastery South

Enter in front of the bathrooms. Swim northwest until you get to the sand-rock boundary, and drop wherever you feel like. The rocks to the southwest in the shallows are pretty bare from urchins, but there's nicer stuff farther out.

Gibbonsia montereyensis (Crevice Kelpfish)

Monastery North

There's a nice rock reef, which drops quickly into a deep (200'+) canyon. Keep an eye on your depth, especially if you're using nitrox. Pay attention to your NDL.


No. Just no. Do not enter or exit in the middle of the beach. The waves break worse here, and there can be undertow.

Shore Information

Park along the beach side of the road. The other side is no-parking. Watch for poison oak as you walk the trail to the beach.

Bathrooms are on the south side of the beach.

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Marine Life: Monastery Beach Marine Life
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