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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
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Here are some of the most common things you'll see diving in Monterey. Click on an image to see a bigger picture and more information.


Rhinogobiops nicholsii (Blackeye Goby)
Blackeye Goby
Sebastes mystinus (Blue Rockfish)
Blue Rockfish
Scorpaenichthys marmoratus (Cabezon)
Artedius corallinus (Coralline Sculpin)
Coralline Sculpin
Sebastes atrovirens (Kelp Rockfish)
Kelp Rockfish
Ophiodon elongatus (Lingcod)
Oxylebius pictus (Painted Greenling)
Painted Greenling
Rhacochilus vacca (Pile Perch)
Pile Perch
Oxyjulis californica (Señorita)
Citharichthys stigmaeus (Speckled Sanddab)
Speckled Sanddab


Pugettia richii (Cryptic Kelp Crab)
Cryptic Kelp Crab
Pugettia foliata (Foliate Kelp Crab)
Foliate Kelp Crab
Metacarcinus gracilis (Graceful Crab)
Graceful Crab
Loxorhynchus crispatus (Masking Crab)
Masking Crab
Pugettia producta (Northern Kelp Crab)
Northern Kelp Crab

Sea Stars

Patiria miniata (Bat Star)
Bat Star
Pisaster giganteus (Giant Spined Star)
Giant Spined Star
Dermasterias imbricata (Leather Star)
Leather Star
Pisaster ochraceus (Ochre Star)
Ochre Star
Astropecten armatus (Spiny Sand Star)
Spiny Sand Star


Corynactis californica (Club-Tipped Anemone)
Club-Tipped Anemone
Urticina piscivora (Fish-Eating Urticina)
Fish-Eating Urticina
Anthopleura xanthogrammica (Giant Green Anemone)
Giant Green Anemone
Pachycerianthus fimbriatus (Tube-Dwelling Anemone)
Tube-Dwelling Anemone
Metridium farcimen (White-Plumed Anemone)
White-Plumed Anemone

Sea Snails

Calliostoma ligatum (Blue Top Snail)
Blue Top Snail
Megasurcula carpenteriana (Carpenter's Turrid)
Carpenter's Turrid
Kelletia kelletii (Kellet's Whelk)
Kellet's Whelk
Neverita lewisii (Lewis's Moon Snail)
Lewis's Moon Snail
Haliotis rufescens (Red Abalone)
Red Abalone


Triopha catalinae (Catalina Triopha)
Catalina Triopha
Hermissenda opalescens (Opalescent Nudibranch)
Opalescent Nudibranch
Dendronotus iris (Rainbow Dendronotus)
Rainbow Dendronotus
Diaulula sandiegensis (San Diego Dorid)
San Diego Dorid
Peltodoris nobilis (Sea Lemon)
Sea Lemon

Other Stuff

Chrysaora fuscescens (Brown Jellyfish)
Brown Jellyfish
Pandalus danae (Dock Shrimp)
Dock Shrimp
Eudistylia polymorpha (Feather Duster Worm)
Feather Duster Worm
Paguristes ulreyi (Furry Hermit Crab)
Furry Hermit Crab
Cucumaria miniata (Orange Sea Cucumber)
Orange Sea Cucumber
Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (Purple Sea Urchin)
Purple Sea Urchin
Octopus rubescens (Red Octopus)
Red Octopus
Crassadoma gigantea (Rock Scallop)
Rock Scallop
Dendraster excentricus (Sand Dollar)
Sand Dollar
Ophiothrix spiculata (Spiny Brittle Star)
Spiny Brittle Star

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