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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
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What's boat diving like in Monterey?

Boat diving in Monterey (and California in general) is different than Hawaii or other tropical locations. Dives are unguided unless you specifically arrange for a guide like me in advance. Visibility varies, and there can be some current. So it's good to be handy with a compass and bring a SMB.

You will get to see different sites than you can see from shore. Huge anchors left over from big ships decades ago. Pinnacles topped with big white poofy anemones. And often clearer water, since the boats can get farther out of the bay on a clear day.

If you're prone to seasickness, I recommend figuring out what helps with that before you get on a dive boat. Though typically you'll feel much better once you're underwater.

K Dock

K Dock is where many of the dive boats tie up, including the Escapade and Beachhopper II.

The usual procedure is to get all your gear ready at the top of the ramp and wait for the boat to tie up. Then carry it all down the ramp onto the boat. Sometimes several boats will tie up in rapid succession; make sure you get on the right one! Also make sure you have all your gear before the boat leaves the dock.

There are indoor bathrooms to the left side of the Harbormaster Office. These are usually a bit cleaner and drier than the ones next to the beach.


Click on the map for a larger image:

Annotated map of K Dock

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