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Point Lobos panorama
This is one of the nicest dive spots. It's on the west coast of the Monterey peninsula, but in a relatively sheltered cove. There are bathrooms and picnic tables. Entry is via a short concrete ramp - nice, except at low tide where it's a little slippery.

You need reservations to dive here, and you must dive with a buddy (or as a group of 3). See the Point Lobos website for more details.

You can also kayak dive here.

Dive Areas

You must enter the water at the boat ramp. Note that the ramp is slippery with algae, particularly at low tide. Stick to the side of the ramp where you can grab onto the rocks for support, and walk slowly. A few feet off the end of the ramp, there's a drop-off into 6-10' deep water.

Leptasterias hexactis (Six-Arm Star)

Whaler's Cove

This includes a range of sites, some closer than others:

Metridium farcimen (White-Plumed Anemone); Lone Metridium at Point Lobos
Lone Metridium

Bluefish Cove

This is a gorgeous dive site. Due to the distance from the boat ramp, it's only accessible using kayaks or DPVs. Depending on tides and conditions, it may be possible to cut across between the rocks rather than going all the way around the outer rocks.

Shore Information

Directions from the Bay Area


Parking is in a dirt lot. Note that there is a no parking area in front of the bathrooms. Don't block entry to the large sheds on your left as you drive in; that's where the fire department keeps their zodiac boat for water rescues.


There are bathrooms with flush toilets in a small concrete building to the west of the parking lot. The floor is usually wet, so it's not the greatest place to change clothes.

Other Notes

There are a number of picnic tables around the parking area. These are great places to gear up. Note that due to the large number of visitors, I wouldn't leave anything valuable on them during your dive.

There used to be a hose by the ramp for rinsing gear. In summer 2015, the hose was removed due to the drought. So bring your own rinse water.


Some Point Lobos tips:


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Annotated map of Point Lobos

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