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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Onchidoris bilamellata (Barnacle-Eating Dorid)
Barnacle-Eating Dorid
(Onchidoris bilamellata)
Polycera atra (Black Dorid)
Black Dorid
(Polycera atra)
Dendronotus venustus (Branched Dendronotus)
Branched Dendronotus
(Dendronotus venustus)
Acanthodoris brunnea (Brown Horned Dorid)
Brown Horned Dorid
(Acanthodoris brunnea)
Armina californica (California Armina)
California Armina
(Armina californica)
Felimare californiensis (California Chromodorid)
California Chromodorid
(Felimare californiensis)
Triopha catalinae (Catalina Triopha)
Catalina Triopha
(Triopha catalinae)
Limacia cockerelli (Cockerell's Dorid)
Cockerell's Dorid
(Limacia cockerelli)
Dirona picta (Colorful Dirona)
Colorful Dirona
(Dirona picta)
Doto kya (Dark Doto)
Dark Doto
(Doto kya)
Tritonia festiva (Diamondback Tritonia)
Diamondback Tritonia
(Tritonia festiva)
Geitodoris heathi (Heath's Dorid)
Heath's Dorid
(Geitodoris heathi)
Polycera hedgpethi (Hedgpeth's Dorid)
Hedgpeth's Dorid
(Polycera hedgpethi)
Hermissenda crassicornis (Hermissenda Crassicornis)
Hermissenda Crassicornis
(Hermissenda crassicornis)
Phidiana hiltoni (Hilton's Aeolid)
Hilton's Aeolid
(Phidiana hiltoni)
Eubranchus rustyus (Homely Aeolid)
Homely Aeolid
(Eubranchus rustyus)
Okenia rosacea (Hopkins' Rose Nudibranch)
Hopkins' Rose Nudibranch
(Okenia rosacea)
Acanthodoris hudsoni (Hudson's Horned Dorid)
Hudson's Horned Dorid
(Acanthodoris hudsoni)
Melibe leonina (Lion's Mane Nudibranch)
Lion's Mane Nudibranch
(Melibe leonina)
Felimida macfarlandi (MacFarland's Chromodorid)
MacFarland's Chromodorid
(Felimida macfarlandi)
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