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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Polymastia pachymastia (Aggregated Nipple Sponge)
Aggregated Nipple Sponge
(Polymastia pachymastia)
Cliona californiana (Boring Sponge)
Boring Sponge
(Cliona californiana)
Clathria sp.2 (Clathria sp.2)
Clathria sp.2
(Clathria sp.2)
Acanthancora cyanocrypta (Cobalt Sponge)
Cobalt Sponge
(Acanthancora cyanocrypta)
Spheciospongia confoederata (Gray Moon Sponge)
Gray Moon Sponge
(Spheciospongia confoederata)
Craniella arb (Gray Puffball Sponge)
Gray Puffball Sponge
(Craniella arb)
Haliclona enamela (Haliclona Enamela)
Haliclona Enamela
(Haliclona enamela)
Leucetta losangelensis (Leucetta losangelensis)
Leucetta losangelensis
(Leucetta losangelensis)
Microciona parthena (Microciona Parthena)
Microciona Parthena
(Microciona parthena)
Neopetrosia problematica (Neopetrosia Problematica)
Neopetrosia Problematica
(Neopetrosia problematica)
Tethya aurantia (Orange Puffball Sponge)
Orange Puffball Sponge
(Tethya aurantia)
Cyamon argon (Orange Sponge)
Orange Sponge
(Cyamon argon)
Suberites montiniger (Peachball Sponge)
Peachball Sponge
(Suberites montiniger)
Ophlitaspongia pennata (Red Sponge)
Red Sponge
(Ophlitaspongia pennata)
Acarnus erithacus (Red Volcano Sponge)
Red Volcano Sponge
(Acarnus erithacus)
Sigmadocia edaphus (Sigmadocia Edaphus)
Sigmadocia Edaphus
(Sigmadocia edaphus)
Leucandra heathi (Spiny Vase Sponge)
Spiny Vase Sponge
(Leucandra heathi)
Leucosolenia eleanor (Tube Ball Sponge)
Tube Ball Sponge
(Leucosolenia eleanor)
Leucilla nuttingi (Urn Sponge)
Urn Sponge
(Leucilla nuttingi)
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