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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Plexaura flexuosula (Bent Sea Rod)
Bent Sea Rod
(Plexaura flexuosula)
Antillogorgia bipinnata (Bipinnate Sea Plume)
Bipinnate Sea Plume
(Antillogorgia bipinnata)
Plexaura homomalla (Black Sea Rod)
Black Sea Rod
(Plexaura homomalla)
Ellisella schmitti (Bushy Sea Whip)
Bushy Sea Whip
(Ellisella schmitti)
Diodogorgia nodulifera (Colorful Sea Rod)
Colorful Sea Rod
(Diodogorgia nodulifera)
Gorgonia ventalina (Common Sea Fan)
Common Sea Fan
(Gorgonia ventalina)
Briareum asbestinum (Corky Sea Finger)
Corky Sea Finger
(Briareum asbestinum)
Iciligorgia schrammi (Deepwater Sea Fan)
Deepwater Sea Fan
(Iciligorgia schrammi)
Plexaurella nutans (Giant Slit-Pore Sea Rod)
Giant Slit-Pore Sea Rod
(Plexaurella nutans)
Heterogorgia uatumani (Golden Sea Spray)
Golden Sea Spray
(Heterogorgia uatumani)
Pterogorgia guadalupensis (Grooved-Blade Sea Whip)
Grooved-Blade Sea Whip
(Pterogorgia guadalupensis)
Pseudoplexaura sp.1 (Porous Sea Rod)
Porous Sea Rod
(Pseudoplexaura sp.1)
Antillogorgia sp.1 (Sea Plume)
Sea Plume
(Antillogorgia sp.1)
Eunicea succinea (Shelf-Knob Sea Rod)
Shelf-Knob Sea Rod
(Eunicea succinea)
Plexaurella sp.1 (Slit-Pore Sea Rod)
Slit-Pore Sea Rod
(Plexaurella sp.1)
Eunicea mammosa (Swollen-Knob Candelabrum)
Swollen-Knob Candelabrum
(Eunicea mammosa)
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