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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Scarus coeruleus (Blue Parrotfish)
Blue Parrotfish
(Scarus coeruleus)
Cryptotomus roseus (Bluelip Parrotfish)
Bluelip Parrotfish
(Cryptotomus roseus)
Sparisoma atomarium (Greenblotch Parrotfish)
Greenblotch Parrotfish
(Sparisoma atomarium)
Scarus coelestinus (Midnight Parrotfish)
Midnight Parrotfish
(Scarus coelestinus)
Scarus taeniopterus (Princess Parrotfish)
Princess Parrotfish
(Scarus taeniopterus)
Scarus vetula (Queen Parrotfish)
Queen Parrotfish
(Scarus vetula)
Scarus guacamaia (Rainbow Parrotfish)
Rainbow Parrotfish
(Scarus guacamaia)
Sparisoma aurofrenatum (Redband Parrotfish)
Redband Parrotfish
(Sparisoma aurofrenatum)
Sparisoma chrysopterum (Redtail Parrotfish)
Redtail Parrotfish
(Sparisoma chrysopterum)
Sparisoma viride (Stoplight Parrotfish)
Stoplight Parrotfish
(Sparisoma viride)
Scarus iseri (Striped Parrotfish)
Striped Parrotfish
(Scarus iseri)
Sparisoma rubripinne (Yellowtail Parrotfish)
Yellowtail Parrotfish
(Sparisoma rubripinne)
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