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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Calcinus argus (Argus Hermit Crab)
Argus Hermit Crab
(Calcinus argus)
Dardanus sanguinocarpus (Bloody Hermit Crab)
Bloody Hermit Crab
(Dardanus sanguinocarpus)
Ciliopagurus strigatus (Cone Shell Hermit Crab)
Cone Shell Hermit Crab
(Ciliopagurus strigatus)
Calcinus haigae (Haig's Hermit Crab)
Haig's Hermit Crab
(Calcinus haigae)
Aniculus maximus (Hairy Yellow Hermit Crab)
Hairy Yellow Hermit Crab
(Aniculus maximus)
Calcinus hazletti (Hazlett's Hermit Crab)
Hazlett's Hermit Crab
(Calcinus hazletti)
Calcinus cf. latens (Hidden Hermit Crab)
Hidden Hermit Crab
(Calcinus cf. latens)
Dardanus gemmatus (Jeweled Anemone Crab)
Jeweled Anemone Crab
(Dardanus gemmatus)
Pylopaguropsis keijii (Keiji's Hermit Crab)
Keiji's Hermit Crab
(Pylopaguropsis keijii)
Calcinus laurentae (Laurent's Hermit Crab)
Laurent's Hermit Crab
(Calcinus laurentae)
Pagurixus nomurai (Nomura's Hermit Crab)
Nomura's Hermit Crab
(Pagurixus nomurai)
Calcinus pictus (Painted Hermit Crab)
Painted Hermit Crab
(Calcinus pictus)
Dardanus deformis (Pale Anemone Hermit Crab)
Pale Anemone Hermit Crab
(Dardanus deformis)
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