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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Drupa rubusidaeus (Brilliant Drupe)
Brilliant Drupe
(Drupa rubusidaeus)
Oxymeris areolata (Dark-Spotted Auger)
Dark-Spotted Auger
(Oxymeris areolata)
Conus pulicarius (Flea Cone)
Flea Cone
(Conus pulicarius)
Cribrarula gaskoini (Gaskoin's Cowry)
Gaskoin's Cowry
(Cribrarula gaskoini)
Lyncina sulcidentata (Groove-Tooth Cowry)
Groove-Tooth Cowry
(Lyncina sulcidentata)
Cassis cornuta (Horned Helmet)
Horned Helmet
(Cassis cornuta)
Mauritia mauritiana (Humpback Cowry)
Humpback Cowry
(Mauritia mauritiana)
Conus imperialis (Imperial Cone)
Imperial Cone
(Conus imperialis)
Lamprohaminoea cf. ovalis (Lamprohaminoea cf. ovalis)
Lamprohaminoea cf. ovalis
(Lamprohaminoea cf. ovalis)
Hastula lanceata (Lance Auger)
Lance Auger
(Hastula lanceata)
Conus marmoreus (Marbled Cone)
Marbled Cone
(Conus marmoreus)
Terebra maculata (Marlinspike Auger)
Marlinspike Auger
(Terebra maculata)
Talparia talpa (Mole Cowry)
Mole Cowry
(Talparia talpa)
Oxymeris dimidiata (Orange Auger)
Orange Auger
(Oxymeris dimidiata)
Conus pertusus (Perforated Cone)
Perforated Cone
(Conus pertusus)
Nassarius papillosus (Pimpled Basket)
Pimpled Basket
(Nassarius papillosus)
Mitra stictica (Punctured Miter)
Punctured Miter
(Mitra stictica)
Mauritia maculifera (Reticulated Cowry)
Reticulated Cowry
(Mauritia maculifera)
Conus spiceri (Spicer's Cone)
Spicer's Cone
(Conus spiceri)
Conus textile (Textile Cone)
Textile Cone
(Conus textile)
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