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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Echinothrix diadema (Blue-Black Urchin)
Blue-Black Urchin
(Echinothrix diadema)
Tripneustes gratilla (Collector Urchin)
Collector Urchin
(Tripneustes gratilla)
Echinothrix calamaris (Double-Spined Urchin)
Double-Spined Urchin
(Echinothrix calamaris)
Brissus latacarinatus (Keeled Heart Urchin)
Keeled Heart Urchin
(Brissus latacarinatus)
Diadema paucispinum (Long-Spined Urchin)
Long-Spined Urchin
(Diadema paucispinum)
Echinostrephus aciculatus (Needle-Spined Urchin)
Needle-Spined Urchin
(Echinostrephus aciculatus)
Echinometra oblonga (Oblong Urchin)
Oblong Urchin
(Echinometra oblonga)
Pseudoboletia indiana (Pebble Collector Urchin)
Pebble Collector Urchin
(Pseudoboletia indiana)
Heterocentrotus mamillatus (Red Pencil Urchin)
Red Pencil Urchin
(Heterocentrotus mamillatus)
Echinometra mathaei (Rock-Boring Urchin)
Rock-Boring Urchin
(Echinometra mathaei)
Chondrocidaris gigantea (Rough-Spined Urchin)
Rough-Spined Urchin
(Chondrocidaris gigantea)
Actinocidaris thomasi (Thomas's Urchin)
Thomas's Urchin
(Actinocidaris thomasi)
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