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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Scolopsis bilineata (Bridled Monocle Bream)
Bridled Monocle Bream
(Scolopsis bilineata)
Pentapodus emeryii (Double Whiptail)
Double Whiptail
(Pentapodus emeryii)
Nemipterus furcosus (Fork-Tailed Threadfin Bream)
Fork-Tailed Threadfin Bream
(Nemipterus furcosus)
Monotaxis grandoculis (Humpnose Bigeye Bream)
Humpnose Bigeye Bream
(Monotaxis grandoculis)
Lethrinus olivaceus (Longface Emperor)
Longface Emperor
(Lethrinus olivaceus)
Lethrinius amboinensis (Longfin Emperor)
Longfin Emperor
(Lethrinius amboinensis)
Scolopsis monogramma (Monogram Monocle Bream)
Monogram Monocle Bream
(Scolopsis monogramma)
Lethrinus obsoletus (Orange-Striped Emperor)
Orange-Striped Emperor
(Lethrinus obsoletus)
Scolopsis affinis (Pale Monocle Bream)
Pale Monocle Bream
(Scolopsis affinis)
Pentapodus paradiseus (Paradise Whiptail)
Paradise Whiptail
(Pentapodus paradiseus)
Scolopsis xenochrous (Pearl-Streaked Monocle Bream)
Pearl-Streaked Monocle Bream
(Scolopsis xenochrous)
Scolopsis margaritifera (Pearly Monocle Bream)
Pearly Monocle Bream
(Scolopsis margaritifera)
Monotaxis heterodon (Redfin Bream)
Redfin Bream
(Monotaxis heterodon)
Pentapodus caninus (Small-Toothed Whiptail)
Small-Toothed Whiptail
(Pentapodus caninus)
Gnathodentex aureolineatus (Striped Large-Eye Bream)
Striped Large-Eye Bream
(Gnathodentex aureolineatus)
Scolopsis lineata (Striped Monocle Bream)
Striped Monocle Bream
(Scolopsis lineata)
Pentapodus trivittatus (Three-Striped Whiptail)
Three-Striped Whiptail
(Pentapodus trivittatus)
Lethrinus harak (Thumbprint Emperor)
Thumbprint Emperor
(Lethrinus harak)
Scolopsis ciliata (Whitestreak Monocle Bream)
Whitestreak Monocle Bream
(Scolopsis ciliata)
Lethrinus erythracanthus (Yellowfin Emperor)
Yellowfin Emperor
(Lethrinus erythracanthus)
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