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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Mysidae sp.1 (Algae Opossum Shrimp)
Algae Opossum Shrimp
(Mysidae sp.1)
Stenopus hispidus (Banded Coral Shrimp)
Banded Coral Shrimp
(Stenopus hispidus)
Cinetorhynchus fasciatus (Banded Hingebeak Shrimp)
Banded Hingebeak Shrimp
(Cinetorhynchus fasciatus)
Tozeuma armatum (Banded Tozeuma Shrimp)
Banded Tozeuma Shrimp
(Tozeuma armatum)
Heptacarpus pugettensis (Barred Shrimp)
Barred Shrimp
(Heptacarpus pugettensis)
Pontonides ankeri (Barred Wire Coral Shrimp)
Barred Wire Coral Shrimp
(Pontonides ankeri)
Crangon nigromaculata (Blackspotted Shrimp)
Blackspotted Shrimp
(Crangon nigromaculata)
Crangon nigricauda (Blacktail Shrimp)
Blacktail Shrimp
(Crangon nigricauda)
Cuapetes amymone (Blameless Cuapetes Shrimp)
Blameless Cuapetes Shrimp
(Cuapetes amymone)
Hamodactylus boschmai (Boschma's Gorgonian Shrimp)
Boschma's Gorgonian Shrimp
(Hamodactylus boschmai)
Allopontonia brocki (Brook's Urchin Shrimp)
Brook's Urchin Shrimp
(Allopontonia brocki)
Penaeus aztecus (Brown Shrimp)
Brown Shrimp
(Penaeus aztecus)
Rapipontonia paragalene (Brownstripe Hydroid Shrimp)
Brownstripe Hydroid Shrimp
(Rapipontonia paragalene)
Vir philippinensis (Bubble Coral Shrimp)
Bubble Coral Shrimp
(Vir philippinensis)
Crangon franciscorum (California Bay Shrimp)
California Bay Shrimp
(Crangon franciscorum)
Urocaridella pulchella (Cave Cleaner Shrimp)
Cave Cleaner Shrimp
(Urocaridella pulchella)
Urocaridella antonbruunii (Clear Cleaner Shrimp)
Clear Cleaner Shrimp
(Urocaridella antonbruunii)
Periclimenes colemani (Coleman Shrimp)
Coleman Shrimp
(Periclimenes colemani)
Vir colemani (Coleman's Bubble Coral Shrimp)
Coleman's Bubble Coral Shrimp
(Vir colemani)
Saron marmoratus (Common Marbled Shrimp)
Common Marbled Shrimp
(Saron marmoratus)
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