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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Caesio teres (Blue and Yellow Fusilier)
Blue and Yellow Fusilier
(Caesio teres)
Pterocaesio tile (Bluestreak Fusilier)
Bluestreak Fusilier
(Pterocaesio tile)
Pterocaesio digramma (Double-Lined Fusilier)
Double-Lined Fusilier
(Pterocaesio digramma)
Caesio lunaris (Lunar Fusilier)
Lunar Fusilier
(Caesio lunaris)
Pterocaesio tessellata (Narrowstripe Fusilier)
Narrowstripe Fusilier
(Pterocaesio tessellata)
Pterocaesio randalli (Randall's Fusilier)
Randall's Fusilier
(Pterocaesio randalli)
Pterocaesio pisang (Ruddy Fusilier)
Ruddy Fusilier
(Pterocaesio pisang)
Caesio caerulaurea (Scissortail Fusilier)
Scissortail Fusilier
(Caesio caerulaurea)
Gymnocaesio gymnoptera (Slender Fusilier)
Slender Fusilier
(Gymnocaesio gymnoptera)
Pterocaesio trilineata (Threestripe Fusilier)
Threestripe Fusilier
(Pterocaesio trilineata)
Pterocaesio marri (Twinstripe Fusilier)
Twinstripe Fusilier
(Pterocaesio marri)
Caesio varilineata (Variable-Lined Fusilier)
Variable-Lined Fusilier
(Caesio varilineata)
Caesio xanthonota (Yellowback Fusilier)
Yellowback Fusilier
(Caesio xanthonota)
Caesio cuning (Yellowtail Fusilier)
Yellowtail Fusilier
(Caesio cuning)
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