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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Aequorea sp.1 (Aequorea sp.1)
Aequorea sp.1
(Aequorea sp.1)
Aequorea sp.2 (Aequorea sp.2)
Aequorea sp.2
(Aequorea sp.2)
Aequorea victoria (Aequorea Victoria)
Aequorea Victoria
(Aequorea victoria)
Eutonina indicans (Aggregating Jelly)
Aggregating Jelly
(Eutonina indicans)
Apolemia uvaria (Apolemia Uvaria)
Apolemia Uvaria
(Apolemia uvaria)
Polyorchis penicillatus (Bell Medusa)
Bell Medusa
(Polyorchis penicillatus)
Beroe cucumis (Beroe Cucumis)
Beroe Cucumis
(Beroe cucumis)
Bolinopsis sp.1 (Bolinopsis sp.1)
Bolinopsis sp.1
(Bolinopsis sp.1)
Bougainvillia sp.1 (Bougainvillia sp.1)
Bougainvillia sp.1
(Bougainvillia sp.1)
Order Cubomedusae (Box Jellyfish)
Box Jellyfish
(Order Cubomedusae)
Chrysaora fuscescens (Brown Jellyfish)
Brown Jellyfish
(Chrysaora fuscescens)
Chelophyes appendiculata (Chelophyes Appendiculata)
Chelophyes Appendiculata
(Chelophyes appendiculata)
Chelophyes sp.1 (Chelophyes sp.1)
Chelophyes sp.1
(Chelophyes sp.1)
Mitrocoma cellularia (Cross Jelly)
Cross Jelly
(Mitrocoma cellularia)
Cephea cephea (Crowned Jellyfish)
Crowned Jellyfish
(Cephea cephea)
Solmissus sp.1 (Dinner Plate Jelly)
Dinner Plate Jelly
(Solmissus sp.1)
Phacellophora camtschatica (Egg-Yolk Jelly)
Egg-Yolk Jelly
(Phacellophora camtschatica)
Euphysa japonica (Euphysa Japonica)
Euphysa Japonica
(Euphysa japonica)
Forskalia sp.1 (Forskalia sp.1)
Forskalia sp.1
(Forskalia sp.1)
Mastigias papua (Lagoon Jelly)
Lagoon Jelly
(Mastigias papua)
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