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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Gorgasia barnesi (Barnes' Garden Eel)
Barnes' Garden Eel
(Gorgasia barnesi)
Ariosoma fasciatum (Barred Conger)
Barred Conger
(Ariosoma fasciatum)
Gymnothorax zonipectis (Barred-Fin Moray)
Barred-Fin Moray
(Gymnothorax zonipectis)
Ophidion scrippsae (Basketweave Cusk-Eel)
Basketweave Cusk-Eel
(Ophidion scrippsae)
Heteroconger longissimus (Brown Garden Eel)
Brown Garden Eel
(Heteroconger longissimus)
Gymnothorax mordax (California Moray)
California Moray
(Gymnothorax mordax)
Enchelycore pardalis (Dragon Moray)
Dragon Moray
(Enchelycore pardalis)
Gymnothorax melatremus (Dwarf Moray)
Dwarf Moray
(Gymnothorax melatremus)
Gymnothorax enigmaticus (Enigmatic Moray)
Enigmatic Moray
(Gymnothorax enigmaticus)
Gymnothorax fimbriatus (Fimbriated Moray)
Fimbriated Moray
(Gymnothorax fimbriatus)
Callechelys lutea (Freckled Snake Eel)
Freckled Snake Eel
(Callechelys lutea)
Gymnothorax javanicus (Giant Moray)
Giant Moray
(Gymnothorax javanicus)
Gymnothorax miliaris (Goldentail Moray)
Goldentail Moray
(Gymnothorax miliaris)
Gymnothorax funebris (Green Moray)
Green Moray
(Gymnothorax funebris)
Myrichthys colubrinus (Harlequin Snake Eel)
Harlequin Snake Eel
(Myrichthys colubrinus)
Conger marginatus (Hawaiian Conger)
Hawaiian Conger
(Conger marginatus)
Gorgasia hawaiiensis (Hawaiian Garden Eel)
Hawaiian Garden Eel
(Gorgasia hawaiiensis)
Ophichthus altipennis (Highfin Snake Eel)
Highfin Snake Eel
(Ophichthus altipennis)
Gymnothorax favagineus (Honeycomb Moray)
Honeycomb Moray
(Gymnothorax favagineus)
Brotula multibarbata (Large-Eye Brotula)
Large-Eye Brotula
(Brotula multibarbata)
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