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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Dofleinia armata (Armed Anemone)
Armed Anemone
(Dofleinia armata)
Megalactis hemprichii (Bali Fire Anemone)
Bali Fire Anemone
(Megalactis hemprichii)
Pachycerianthus maua (Banded Tube Anemone)
Banded Tube Anemone
(Pachycerianthus maua)
Heteractis aurora (Beaded Sea Anemone)
Beaded Sea Anemone
(Heteractis aurora)
Actinodendron arboreum (Branching Anemone)
Branching Anemone
(Actinodendron arboreum)
Entacmaea quadricolor (Bubble-Tip Anemone)
Bubble-Tip Anemone
(Entacmaea quadricolor)
Cerianthus sp.3 (Cerianthus sp.3)
Cerianthus sp.3
(Cerianthus sp.3)
Cerianthus sp.4 (Cerianthus sp.4)
Cerianthus sp.4
(Cerianthus sp.4)
Cerianthus sp.6 (Cerianthus sp.6)
Cerianthus sp.6
(Cerianthus sp.6)
Macrodactyla doreensis (Corkscrew Tentacle Sea Anemone)
Corkscrew Tentacle Sea Anemone
(Macrodactyla doreensis)
Triactis sp.1 (Crab Claw Anemone)
Crab Claw Anemone
(Triactis sp.1)
Heteractis malu (Delicate Sea Anemone)
Delicate Sea Anemone
(Heteractis malu)
Stichodactyla gigantea (Giant Carpet Anemone)
Giant Carpet Anemone
(Stichodactyla gigantea)
Triactis producta (Girdled Anemone)
Girdled Anemone
(Triactis producta)
Nemanthus annamensis (Gorgonian Wrapper)
Gorgonian Wrapper
(Nemanthus annamensis)
Stichodactyla haddoni (Haddon's Sea Anemone)
Haddon's Sea Anemone
(Stichodactyla haddoni)
Actinostephanus haeckeli (Haeckel's Sand Anemone)
Haeckel's Sand Anemone
(Actinostephanus haeckeli)
Actinodendron plumosum (Hell's Fire Anemone)
Hell's Fire Anemone
(Actinodendron plumosum)
Calliactis polypus (Hermit Crab Anemone)
Hermit Crab Anemone
(Calliactis polypus)
Entacmaea medusivora (Jellyfish-Eating Anemone)
Jellyfish-Eating Anemone
(Entacmaea medusivora)
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