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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Amphiuridae sp.1 (Burrowing Brittle Star)
Burrowing Brittle Star
(Amphiuridae sp.1)
Ophiothrix purpurea (Dark Red-Spined Brittle Star)
Dark Red-Spined Brittle Star
(Ophiothrix purpurea)
Ophiomastix flaccida (Flaccid Brittle Star)
Flaccid Brittle Star
(Ophiomastix flaccida)
Ophiomastix janualis (Gatekeeper Brittle Star)
Gatekeeper Brittle Star
(Ophiomastix janualis)
Ophiolepis nodosa (Knotty Brittle Star)
Knotty Brittle Star
(Ophiolepis nodosa)
Ophionereis porrecta (Long Arm Brittle Star)
Long Arm Brittle Star
(Ophionereis porrecta)
Macrophiothrix martensi (Marten’s Brittle Star)
Marten’s Brittle Star
(Macrophiothrix martensi)
Ophiothela sp.1 (Ophiothela sp.1)
Ophiothela sp.1
(Ophiothela sp.1)
Ophiomastix pictum (Painted Brittle Star)
Painted Brittle Star
(Ophiomastix pictum)
Macrophiothrix nereidina (Sea Nymph Brittle Star)
Sea Nymph Brittle Star
(Macrophiothrix nereidina)
Ophiothela mirabilis (Six-Arm Brittle Star)
Six-Arm Brittle Star
(Ophiothela mirabilis)
Ophiomastix caryophyllata (Spotted-Disc Brittle Star)
Spotted-Disc Brittle Star
(Ophiomastix caryophyllata)
Ophiarachna incrassata (Stout Green Brittle Star)
Stout Green Brittle Star
(Ophiarachna incrassata)
Ophiopsila polyacantha (Underground Brittle Star)
Underground Brittle Star
(Ophiopsila polyacantha)
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