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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Upeneus taeniopterus (Bandtail Goatfish)
Bandtail Goatfish
(Upeneus taeniopterus)
Parupeneus barberinoides (Bicolor Goatfish)
Bicolor Goatfish
(Parupeneus barberinoides)
Parupeneus ciliatus (Cardinal Goatfish)
Cardinal Goatfish
(Parupeneus ciliatus)
Parupeneus heptacanthus (Cinnibar Goatfish)
Cinnibar Goatfish
(Parupeneus heptacanthus)
Parupeneus barberinus (Dash-Dot Goatfish)
Dash-Dot Goatfish
(Parupeneus barberinus)
Parupeneus crassilabris (Doublebar Goatfish)
Doublebar Goatfish
(Parupeneus crassilabris)
Upeneus tragula (Freckled Goatfish)
Freckled Goatfish
(Upeneus tragula)
Parupeneus cyclostomus (Goldsaddle Goatfish)
Goldsaddle Goatfish
(Parupeneus cyclostomus)
Parupeneus trifasciatus (Indian Doublebar Goatfish)
Indian Doublebar Goatfish
(Parupeneus trifasciatus)
Parupeneus macronemus (Longbarbel Goatfish)
Longbarbel Goatfish
(Parupeneus macronemus)
Parupeneus multifasciatus (Manybar Goatfish)
Manybar Goatfish
(Parupeneus multifasciatus)
Parupeneus pleruostigma (Sidespot Goatfish)
Sidespot Goatfish
(Parupeneus pleruostigma)
Mulloidichthys vanicolensis (Yellowfin Goatfish)
Yellowfin Goatfish
(Mulloidichthys vanicolensis)
Mulloidichthys flavolineatus (Yellowstripe Goatfish)
Yellowstripe Goatfish
(Mulloidichthys flavolineatus)
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