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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Tridacna crocea (Boring Giant Clam)
Boring Giant Clam
(Tridacna crocea)
Septifer bilocularis (Box Mussel)
Box Mussel
(Septifer bilocularis)
Hyotissa sinensis (Chinese Honeycomb Oyster)
Chinese Honeycomb Oyster
(Hyotissa sinensis)
Lopha cristagalli (Cock's Comb Oyster)
Cock's Comb Oyster
(Lopha cristagalli)
Atrina pectinata (Comb Pen Shell)
Comb Pen Shell
(Atrina pectinata)
Pteria penguin (Common Wing Oyster)
Common Wing Oyster
(Pteria penguin)
Lima quantoensis (Deep Lima)
Deep Lima
(Lima quantoensis)
Ctenoides ales (Electric Fileclam)
Electric Fileclam
(Ctenoides ales)
Atrina vexillum (Flag Pen Shell)
Flag Pen Shell
(Atrina vexillum)
Tridacna squamosa (Fluted Giant Clam)
Fluted Giant Clam
(Tridacna squamosa)
Limaria fragilis (Fragile Fileclam)
Fragile Fileclam
(Limaria fragilis)
Tridacna gigas (Giant Clam)
Giant Clam
(Tridacna gigas)
Hyotissa hyotis (Honeycomb Oyster)
Honeycomb Oyster
(Hyotissa hyotis)
Pedum spondyloideum (Iridescent Scallop)
Iridescent Scallop
(Pedum spondyloideum)
Brachidontes sp.1 (Mangrove Mussel)
Mangrove Mussel
(Brachidontes sp.1)
Tridacna maxima (Maxima Giant Clam)
Maxima Giant Clam
(Tridacna maxima)
Pinctada margaritifera (Pacific Pearl Oyster)
Pacific Pearl Oyster
(Pinctada margaritifera)
Spondylus squamosus (Scaly Thorny Oyster)
Scaly Thorny Oyster
(Spondylus squamosus)
Callista chione (Smooth Clam)
Smooth Clam
(Callista chione)
Tridacna derasa (Smooth Giant Clam)
Smooth Giant Clam
(Tridacna derasa)
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