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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Dardanus pedunculatus (Anemone Hermit Crab)
Anemone Hermit Crab
(Dardanus pedunculatus)
Calcinus pulcher (Beautiful Hermit Crab)
Beautiful Hermit Crab
(Calcinus pulcher)
Dardanus sanguinocarpus (Bloody Hermit Crab)
Bloody Hermit Crab
(Dardanus sanguinocarpus)
Dardanus guttatus (Blue Knee Hermit Crab)
Blue Knee Hermit Crab
(Dardanus guttatus)
Pagurus sp.3 (Blue-Banded Pagurus)
Blue-Banded Pagurus
(Pagurus sp.3)
Pagurus sp.1 (Blue-Banded Pagurus)
Blue-Banded Pagurus
(Pagurus sp.1)
Pagurus cf. gracilipes (Brown-Marked Pagurus)
Brown-Marked Pagurus
(Pagurus cf. gracilipes)
Catapagurus sp.1 (Catapagurus sp.1)
Catapagurus sp.1
(Catapagurus sp.1)
Catapagurus sp.2 (Catapagurus sp.2)
Catapagurus sp.2
(Catapagurus sp.2)
Paguritta sp.1 (Coral Hermit Crab)
Coral Hermit Crab
(Paguritta sp.1)
Dardanus lagopodes (Dark Knee Hermit Crab)
Dark Knee Hermit Crab
(Dardanus lagopodes)
Calcinus gaimardii (Gaimard's Hermit Crab)
Gaimard's Hermit Crab
(Calcinus gaimardii)
Calcinus guamensis (Guam Hermit Crab)
Guam Hermit Crab
(Calcinus guamensis)
Aniculus retipes (Hairy Netted Hermit Crab)
Hairy Netted Hermit Crab
(Aniculus retipes)
Aniculus erythaeus (Hairy Red Hermit Crab)
Hairy Red Hermit Crab
(Aniculus erythaeus)
Spiropagurus spiriger (Jumping Hermit Crab)
Jumping Hermit Crab
(Spiropagurus spiriger)
Paguritta kroppi (Kropp's Coral Hermit Crab)
Kropp's Coral Hermit Crab
(Paguritta kroppi)
Pagurus sp.2 (Orange-Banded Hermit Crab)
Orange-Banded Hermit Crab
(Pagurus sp.2)
Dardanus deformis (Pale Anemone Hermit Crab)
Pale Anemone Hermit Crab
(Dardanus deformis)
Pagurixus purpureus (Purple Hermit Crab)
Purple Hermit Crab
(Pagurixus purpureus)
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