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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Scarus caudofasciatus (Bartail Parrotfish)
Bartail Parrotfish
(Scarus caudofasciatus)
Chlorurus bleekeri (Bleeker's Parrotfish)
Bleeker's Parrotfish
(Chlorurus bleekeri)
Scarus ghobban (Bluebarred Parrotfish)
Bluebarred Parrotfish
(Scarus ghobban)
Scarus forsteni (Bluepatch Parrotfish)
Bluepatch Parrotfish
(Scarus forsteni)
Chlorurus bowersi (Bower's Parrotfish)
Bower's Parrotfish
(Chlorurus bowersi)
Scarus frenatus (Bridled Parrotfish)
Bridled Parrotfish
(Scarus frenatus)
Chlorurus spilurus (Bullethead Parrotfish)
Bullethead Parrotfish
(Chlorurus spilurus)
Bolbometopon muricatum (Bumphead Parrotfish)
Bumphead Parrotfish
(Bolbometopon muricatum)
Scarus chameleon (Chameleon Parrotfish)
Chameleon Parrotfish
(Scarus chameleon)
Scarus oviceps (Darkcapped Parrotfish)
Darkcapped Parrotfish
(Scarus oviceps)
Scarus niger (Dusky Parrotfish)
Dusky Parrotfish
(Scarus niger)
Scarus altipinnis (Filament-Fin Parrotfish)
Filament-Fin Parrotfish
(Scarus altipinnis)
Scarus spinus (Greensnout Parrotfish)
Greensnout Parrotfish
(Scarus spinus)
Scarus prasiognathos (Greenthroat Parrotfish)
Greenthroat Parrotfish
(Scarus prasiognathos)
Chlorurus capistratoides (Indian Parrotfish)
Indian Parrotfish
(Chlorurus capistratoides)
Chlorurus japanensis (Japanese Parrotfish)
Japanese Parrotfish
(Chlorurus japanensis)
Hipposcarus longiceps (Pacific Longnose Parrotfish)
Pacific Longnose Parrotfish
(Hipposcarus longiceps)
Scarus quoyi (Quoy's Parrotfish)
Quoy's Parrotfish
(Scarus quoyi)
Scarus xanthopleura (Red Parrotfish)
Red Parrotfish
(Scarus xanthopleura)
Scarus rubroviolaceus (Redlip Parrotfish)
Redlip Parrotfish
(Scarus rubroviolaceus)
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