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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Euretaster attenuatus (Attenuated Sea Star)
Attenuated Sea Star
(Euretaster attenuatus)
Linckia laevigata (Blue Sea Star)
Blue Sea Star
(Linckia laevigata)
Nardoa galatheae (Brown Mesh Sea Star)
Brown Mesh Sea Star
(Nardoa galatheae)
Acanthaster planci (Crown-of-Thorns Star)
Crown-of-Thorns Star
(Acanthaster planci)
Neoferdina cumingi (Cuming's Sea Star)
Cuming's Sea Star
(Neoferdina cumingi)
Culcita novaeguineae (Cushion Star)
Cushion Star
(Culcita novaeguineae)
Aquilonastra anomala (Dwarf Star)
Dwarf Star
(Aquilonastra anomala)
Gomophia egeriae (Egeria Sea Star)
Egeria Sea Star
(Gomophia egeriae)
Gomophia egyptiaca (Egyptian Sea Star)
Egyptian Sea Star
(Gomophia egyptiaca)
Nardoa frianti (Friant's Sea Star)
Friant's Sea Star
(Nardoa frianti)
Fromia pacifica (Fromia pacifica)
Fromia pacifica
(Fromia pacifica)
Choriaster granulatus (Granular Sea Star)
Granular Sea Star
(Choriaster granulatus)
Celerina heffernani (Heffernan's Sea Star)
Heffernan's Sea Star
(Celerina heffernani)
Fromia indica (Indian Sea Star)
Indian Sea Star
(Fromia indica)
Echinaster luzonicus (Luzon Sea Star)
Luzon Sea Star
(Echinaster luzonicus)
Linckia multifora (Multipore Sea Star)
Multipore Sea Star
(Linckia multifora)
Mithrodia clavigera (Old Club Sea Star)
Old Club Sea Star
(Mithrodia clavigera)
Fromia monilis (Peppermint Sea Star)
Peppermint Sea Star
(Fromia monilis)
Tosia queenslandensis (Queensland Biscuit Star)
Queensland Biscuit Star
(Tosia queenslandensis)
Gomophia egeriae (Spiny Sea Star)
Spiny Sea Star
(Gomophia egeriae)
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