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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Acanthella cavernosa (Acanthella Cavernosa)
Acanthella Cavernosa
(Acanthella cavernosa)
Aplysinella sp.1 (Aplysinella)
(Aplysinella sp.1)
Atergia sp.1 (Atergia sp.1)
Atergia sp.1
(Atergia sp.1)
Xestospongia testudinaria (Barrel Sponge)
Barrel Sponge
(Xestospongia testudinaria)
Theonella swinhoei (Brown Tube Sponge)
Brown Tube Sponge
(Theonella swinhoei)
Callyspongia biru (Callyspongia Biru)
Callyspongia Biru
(Callyspongia biru)
Callyspongia sp.1 (Callyspongia sp.1)
Callyspongia sp.1
(Callyspongia sp.1)
Plakortis sp.1 (Chicken Liver Sponge)
Chicken Liver Sponge
(Plakortis sp.1)
Clathria mima (Clathria Mima)
Clathria Mima
(Clathria mima)
Chalinula nematifera (Coral Killing Sponge)
Coral Killing Sponge
(Chalinula nematifera)
Coscinoderma mathewsi (Coscinoderma Mathewsi)
Coscinoderma Mathewsi
(Coscinoderma mathewsi)
Diacarnus sp.1 (Diacarnus sp.1)
Diacarnus sp.1
(Diacarnus sp.1)
Diacarnus sp.2 (Diacarnus sp.2)
Diacarnus sp.2
(Diacarnus sp.2)
Dysidea sp.1 (Dysidea sp.1)
Dysidea sp.1
(Dysidea sp.1)
Echinodictyum sp.1 (Echinodictyum sp.1)
Echinodictyum sp.1
(Echinodictyum sp.1)
Ianthella basta (Elephant Ear Sponge)
Elephant Ear Sponge
(Ianthella basta)
Cinachyrella australiensis (Golf Ball Sponge)
Golf Ball Sponge
(Cinachyrella australiensis)
Halichondria sp.1 (Halichondria sp.1)
Halichondria sp.1
(Halichondria sp.1)
Halichondria sp.2 (Halichondria sp.2)
Halichondria sp.2
(Halichondria sp.2)
Haliclona fascigera (Haliclona Fascigera)
Haliclona Fascigera
(Haliclona fascigera)
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