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100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
100% Dolphin approved scuba lessons and underwater photography
Pomacentrus alexanderae (Alexander's Damselfish)
Alexander's Damselfish
(Pomacentrus alexanderae)
Chromis amboinensis (Ambon Chromis)
Ambon Chromis
(Chromis amboinensis)
Pomacentrus amboinensis (Ambon Damsel)
Ambon Damsel
(Pomacentrus amboinensis)
Pomacentrus alleni (Andaman Damsel)
Andaman Damsel
(Pomacentrus alleni)
Pomacentrus grammorhynchus (Azurespot Damsel)
Azurespot Damsel
(Pomacentrus grammorhynchus)
Neoglyphidodon thoracotaeniatus (Barhead Damsel)
Barhead Damsel
(Neoglyphidodon thoracotaeniatus)
Amblyglyphidodon batunaorum (Batuna's Damsel)
Batuna's Damsel
(Amblyglyphidodon batunaorum)
Chromis margaritifer (Bicolor Chromis)
Bicolor Chromis
(Chromis margaritifer)
Neoglyphidodon melas (Black Damsel)
Black Damsel
(Neoglyphidodon melas)
Amblypomacentrus breviceps (Black-Banded Damsel)
Black-Banded Damsel
(Amblypomacentrus breviceps)
Abudefduf lorenz (Black-Tail Sergeant)
Black-Tail Sergeant
(Abudefduf lorenz)
Dischistodus melanotus (Black-Vent Damsel)
Black-Vent Damsel
(Dischistodus melanotus)
Chromis atripectoralis (Blackaxil Puller)
Blackaxil Puller
(Chromis atripectoralis)
Chromis retrofasciata (Blackbar Chromis)
Blackbar Chromis
(Chromis retrofasciata)
Plectroglyphidodon dickii (Blackbar Damsel)
Blackbar Damsel
(Plectroglyphidodon dickii)
Pomacentrus magniseptus (Blackfin Damsel)
Blackfin Damsel
(Pomacentrus magniseptus)
Pomacentrus nigromarginatus (Blackmargined Damsel)
Blackmargined Damsel
(Pomacentrus nigromarginatus)
Pomacentrus stigma (Blackspot Damsel)
Blackspot Damsel
(Pomacentrus stigma)
Dascyllus melanurus (Blacktail Dascyllus)
Blacktail Dascyllus
(Dascyllus melanurus)
Chrysiptera bleekeri (Bleeker's Damsel)
Bleeker's Damsel
(Chrysiptera bleekeri)
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